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Jun 8, 2005
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Apologies as I am completely new to the ps2 scene, having recently invested in the 49 pound asda special and am now hoping for of a bit of advice.

I've decided that my soldering skills arn't upto chipping the slimline ps2 so believe that that the best alternate solution must be the swap magic 3.8 and keys for my slimline ps2.

In looking around, I notice that "modchipworld" seem to have a kit available - anyone used them or can anyone recommend at trusted reseller for the swap magic?

Cheers and thanks for any help...


Thanks for the prompt response - did you by from memtech?

At least my ps2 stands a chance of survival using the swap magic, my soldering skills are pretty dire..

Is there any difference between the swap magic 3.6 and 3.8 offered by modchipworld?

I have seen "fixes" for swap magic any ideas what these are?

Sorry for so many questions...

I dont know about fixes for swap magic mines never flickad and yes i bought from them and they were spot on took 2 days to come just email the store if you want to ask about the 3.8 i got the 3.6 and works fine never had any problems

oh and will you click on the scales to the left bottom and tell everyone how much ive helped you lol cheers
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Cheers for the advice - will give them a go.

Cheers just read this and its just what I'm looking for. Thanks
like OP my soldering skills are sadly lacking. Cheers
I use swap magic 3.6 with no problems with any soft yet - got it from ebay £15.
if its an old ps2 gor for the flip lid and the swap magic and if its the slim line pm me ill tell u how to do it with out buying that stupid ghost switch
Swa magic update

Thanks for the advice, I eventaly went for the swap magic coder and keys from PS2laser.co.uk - due to the ability to pay via paypal.

Item came quickly and well packaged, but the insructions for fitting the keys came by email and were not very detailed....

After 30 mins to fliddling with the keys and search the net, I gave up and went for the trust 'blue tach' option on the two internal sensors.

Breaking the warranty seals wasn't ideal, but 2 mins later, all up an running -perfect.

The swap magic is a great device and no problems with any software yet!

Thanks again for all posts... :Cheers:
I got swap magic 3.6 last week for £13 from www.ps2stuff.co.uk they have the latest tools for slim with coder 3.8 for £18 or £19 ,order aways arrives next day