svp m1000 + gps + tom tom 5


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Mar 9, 2002
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As the title says spv m1000 + wired gps receiver + tomtom 5 on a 256mb sd card absoluetly exelent peice of kit. The only reason i am selling this is because i cant get it unlocked to voda and my work sim is voda. so looking for £240 thought id give you lot a chance before i ebay it.
check this web forum out mate i have exactly the same piece of kit the proper name for it is himalaya xda and spv are just the network brand names,but on there you can get an all in one unlock tool all the instructions are there aswell,hope that helps even if your still selling itll probs help sell if its unlocked or you can keep it,excellent bit of kit ive not stoppped playing with mine since i got it a couple of month back,theres some cool software for it like the 7 day on screen weather forecast lol.
reddevil said:
interesting looking site that nemesis
first thing i looked for when getting mine i like to know theres a little support for when things inevitably fook up lol,lots of cool hints and tips for most pda owners,id like to do all the updates and maybe wm2005 but i aint got the bottle yet rom cooking sounds expensive if it goes wrong.
I cant get it to unlock with that prog. reduced to £210 for a quick sale.
mickbrush said:
I cant get it to unlock with that prog. reduced to £210 for a quick sale.
itll make that easily on ebay with the gps and tomtom.