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Oct 3, 2004
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A FUN sing-song turned into a vicious punch-up as Liverpool ace Craig Bellamy saw red and waded into team-mate John Arne Riise in a drunken rage.

The sensational bust-up erupted in the early hours of Friday at the team's Portuguese hotel after a marathon boozing session.

An eye witness says the feuding Premiership stars:

TRADED INSULTS during a bar's karaoke contest when Riise refused to take the stage,

SCREAMED ABUSE as they faced each other toe to toe,

TOTTERED back to their training camp base at 2am,

FOUGHT in a hotel as Bellamy lashed out at Riise's £5 million legs with a golf club, until the pair were

SEPARATED by head coach Rafael Benitez.

The outrage has massive implications for both players and the club, who have just been taken over by new American owners.

Tycoon co-chairmen George Gillett and Tom Hicks who invested £470 million were said to be furious that their name has been dragged through the mud just before a vital Champions League clash with Barcelona on Wednesday—their most important match this year.

Insiders have predicted it could spell the end of 27-year-old bad boy Bellamy's career at Anfield.

The astonishing incident kicked off at Monty's Restaurant and Bar in the upmarket Algarve Vale do Lobo resort where Welsh international Bellamy and Norwegian World Cup hero Riise, 25, were winding down with colleagues after five days' training in preparation for Wednesday.

An inside source revealed: "There had been a lot of drinking and everyone was enjoying themselves.

"But it all went wrong when Craig tried to drag John up for a song.

"There was a karaoke competition going on, but John's a quiet one off the pitch and wasn't having it at all.

"It started off as a bit of a lark with some of the other lads having a go but then it got completely out of hand. John went ballistic because Craig wouldn't take no for an answer. He was screaming at Craig to leave him alone, saying he wouldn't do it and yelling insults.

"Everyone was completely stunned by it because they were really having a go, standing there toe to toe swearing at each other. There were about 20 players in the bar including all the senior guys, like Steven Gerrard, Peter Crouch and Dirk Kuyt.

"They were warned to keep a lid on it and it appeared to calm down.

"It was really late, about 2am, and the players eventually started drifting off to bed. But Craig, who was sharing with Steve Finnan, was so wound up he couldn't sleep.

"He suddenly grabbed a golf club and went looking for John. And when he found him he waded in, hacking at his legs with the club.

"All hell was let loose and John suffered a lot of bruising. Craig was out of control and shouting that John had belittled him in front of the lads."

Eventually coach Benitez was called to separate the two stars. The boss was said to be horrified and called both players to an emergency summit after they sobered up.

Benitez had plenty to worry about. Unconfirmed reports in a local newspaper said one footballer had also been handcuffed after allegedly trying to headbutt a policeman.

And it was claimed other players smashed electrical equipment in the resort with their golf clubs.

Staff at the four-star Barringtons Centro Deportivo hotel were ordered to keep quiet about the disturbance.

"The players flew back to Britain on Friday and were trying to keep a lid on the shameful incident.

But our source said: "With Liverpool just about to play one of the most important matches in their history this is the last thing they need.

"The break was meant to be a bit of rest and recreation with light training to get the team acclimatised for the Nou Camp on Wednesday, but this fight has ruined everything.

"It has heaped disgrace on the club when all the attention should be focused on what happens on the pitch. The new owners can't understand how grown men can behave like this. They believe the club's reputation is in the gutter and find it incredible that this should happen just before the Barcelona game.

"If Liverpool lose the match because of this there'll be hell to pay."

Riise's teammates are shocked at Bellamy's attack on a fellow professional and friend. A source said: "To smash a golf club into a fellow player's legs is unforgivable.

"It's the worst place ever to attack a footballer. Damaged legs are no good to anyone in this business and Riise is known for his trademark blockbusting shots.

"It's like deliberately trying to break someone's leg on the pitch — however cross or angry you are, it's a no-brainer. You just can't do it.

"John was mortified when Craig came bursting into his room like that. Anything could have happened."

It is not clear what punishments the players face. But hard-line Spaniard Benitez is unlikely to tolerate such loutish behaviour ever again and at the very least is expected to fine both men heavily.

One insider said: "Some people feel it's time to ship Bellamy out so he can be someone else's problem."

A Liverpool spokesman said: "We're not prepared to make any comment."


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Jan 14, 2002
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As you say, I don't think it will be long before he's shipped out. He's an obnoxious little toe-rag.


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Mar 19, 2006
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If its true then the golf club thing is unforgivable... i'd have had more respect if he had just challenged him to a punch-up.

Thats now Shearer, Souness, Terry McDermott and Riise had problems with him over the years.

The phrase 'annoying little welsh chip-on-his-shoulder having misfit' comes to mind...

Anyway Rafa will handle it - just because he dont rant in post-match interviews like some managers dont think that Rafa aint a tough-nut disciplinarian!


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Dec 5, 2006
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well it done the trick wonder if beneitez will ask them to do it again liverpool played great