Sunday night ratings war


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Aug 10, 2001
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Report=Sky One shows have lost out following the removal of the channel from the Virgin Media platform on Wednesday night.

24 dropped 175,000 viewers from last week's high of 529,000 to just 354,000 and a 1.8% share at 9pm last night.

The tenth episode of the third series of Lost at 10pm managed 752,000 and a 4.6% share, but this was down 96,000 on last week.

BBC Two's Top Gear finished its run with 8 million and a 29.6% share at 8pm making it the most watched programme of the current series. It beat ITV1's Wild at Heart which managed 7.6 million and a 28.4% share. BBC One's Rough Diamonds only managed 3.4 million and a 12.4% share, a drop of 400,000 from the week before.

Five's new series of Grey's Anatomy opened with a mere 800,000 and a 2.8% share at 8pm, with the second episode following at 9pm with 800,000 viewers and a slighter higher share of 32%. The opening episode of the first series took 1.8 million and a 10.5% share.

ITV1's Lewis took the highest ratings of the evening for its final episode at 9pm with 8.4 million and a 37% share.


So the discussion- If you owned a company & wanted to advertise at a peak viewing times would you now think twice and forget advertising on sky, or at least want to negotiate a lower amount? .........thats the reason why being greedy does not pay. 'shooting' & 'foot' are the 2 words that come to mind.

For a broadcaster, paying large amounts of money for shows is only sensible if advertising revenue will give a profit, and in the case of pay-tv you gain enough subscribers. Surely if sky want to have the latest popular shows they have to realise that they need to be available to viewers, or we simply watch something else.

For me its always great to see that free channels gain such high percentage of viewers, its proof that the way forward is to support freeview & freesat. But i suppose i'm biased and anti-paytv. I would have preferred Ch4 to have kept the rights for Lost, so I do hope Sky make a huge loss from their investment.

Anyone else interested in ratings? Or just me? lol.
IF i owned a company and wanted to advertise at peak tiimes i would choose the channel/program that would provide me with maxium exposure. However if the viewing audience dropped i would try to negotiate to lower a fee. If my company had limited finances then i would look to cancel my advertising on that paticular platform, and look elsewhere to advertise.

i'm sure channel 4 couldnt compete with sky on the rights for the LOST show or any other shows they have bought the rights for