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Aug 21, 2005
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i have posted quite a few threads on my box at the moment because no matter what image i flashed i was still getting no channels available.

I took my box to my friends house tonight, who has a working box and still getting the same at his house.

I have now noticed the difference between the boxes on stream info page.
I am getting

Resolution 0x0
Bitrate 0 bits/sec
Aspect Ratio: unknown
Frame rate : unknown
Audio Type:stereo (44.1k/l)

oNid: 0xf020
Sid: ox137a
TSid: 0x04b3
Freq: 131000.0MHz(v)
PMTpid:not available
Vpid: not available
Apid(s): Not Available

PROVIDER/SAT: Unknow Satellite

Ber: 40
SNR: 61937
SIG: 37265

Can someone please have a look at this info and advise if tuner or is there something i can do.


hi it doesnt look like you have done a scan m8

for your area m8

or have you

i have done a scan about about 10 times with several different images and all i get is 35 transponders found and no channels.

this box was working up until sunday night when it froze.

i seem to be banging my head now.

any more help would be appreciated.


ready scan file?

i go to service-service scan-change file to sym6952 (for telewest), turn fast scan off, and scan.

it only finds 35 transponders and no channels.

what else can you advise?


... have you tried using a services.xml posted by someone else from your area?
the service file in my friends box is the same file as in mine. what happened was the box started stuttering about SUnday night and then froze. then my man reset the box at the plug and when switched back on, booted up - error no channels available.

the signal dropped, my friends box also went down on monday and they done a rescan and channels came back up, i tried this and still get no channels available.
when i load the service.xml file into the box, i get error no channels available and the channel at the bottom i get the channel name and "waiting for time".
Best thing to do is re-flash with gavs or liams latest image and do a scan then, i have tried both and both scan perfectly.
i have tried a new image and ftp over my service and bouqet files. I am still getting error no channel and waiting for time.

any other ideas?

thanks jean
can someone please tell me if there is any way other way i can check and see if my tuner is goosed.


hi m8
reading through the thread and all i can say is that it looks like its a tuner problem and if you are saying that it was working and now not and you have changed image back to when it was working and there still no channels
and you are sure your area symbol rate scan is not better any channels

1 tuner problem

2 scanning on wrong sym-rate

3 try another box and if that works then you know for sure if its your tuner m8