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strange!!!!!!!!!! PSP

Feb 12, 2006
Im running 3.10OE-A Downloaded a few games there and and all working fine exept one SPYRO THE DRAGON PSX1/PSP i have used PSX1/PSP games on it before just put the files in same folder named the folder anything i wanted then put into GAME! and all worked fine! So i put 2 games on psp crash bandicoot and spyro and still the spyro just came up with CORRUPT FILE! (NOTE:) I named the folder Spyro the gragon year of the dragon PSP Now for some strange reason I just named it spyro PSP and hey presto all working! I changed it back to Spyro the gragon year of the dragon PSP just to see if It would work and CORRUPT FILE came back up. So just thought I would let u know incase a game doesnt work just shorten what u call it STRANGE (BUT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!)


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Jan 31, 2006
well yup your correct, never noticed it before myself as most of my ps1 games are named "SCUS94154" and so on, but first instincts would point towards the PSP's abillity to read long file names isnt so good ;)

EDIT:i forgot to add, also it's a good tip if it does happen to some 1 and they dont know why they are getting a corrupt file showing.
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