Strage Poblems Sagem 2x


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Dec 1, 2004
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Currently have gav12345 2x updated image and it is working 98%. Turning it on and off makes a bird chirping noise. Have seen it glitch, freeze a few times. Doesn't do it on any Front Row or move channels only BBC1,ITV and a few other UK channels. Watched Eastenders tonight and was very bad but didn't crash.
Testing out Ucodes at the moment the what is everyone using on there Sagem boxes and what have you found most stable?
(What could this be)
Another problem I have had with this box some channels I get audio but no picture.
Checked the signal and this is what I get on some channels which display nothing but here sound.
Reception signal
SNR high 63 and 64077 (Is this too high?)
As soon as I change channel and check the BER is high and then goes to 0.
Sometimes whilst watching channels I see this flick to 10 every now and then.
Sig 9252 and 11308. I know the cable feed is perfect as I have had a number of boxes which are perfect.
mate, i got a similar problem. i was thinking about buying new tuner, my other boxes work fine but this friggin thing chirps like mad on some channels. tried different images, u codes even a booster STILL NOTHING!!! strange thing is, it works fine on some channels. I THINK ITS THE TUNER

I've got a Sagem 2x which seems to be working fine on Chryos Sportster UK05 Image. I would suggest trying a new image and performing a new scan for all services. Also Check ALL Your Connections including scart etc.