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Jun 28, 2005
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My STB can store 4000(?) channels (TM1500CI), what I wanted to know is how do you maintain/store them.

For example when I scanned Astra 19E for video I saw 1000 channels listed and a few hundred for audio.

Are these now stored in my STB as part of that 4000?

What I did was to delete the channels video/audio that I didn't want so as to keep only what I wanted as of day. In future if new channels appear do I simply rescan and the new channels along with the deleted ones reappear and do I carry out the same process again?

...................ahh so many questions...........can't help I'm inquistive! LOL

Hi chrome307, you do have a thirst for input don't you,lol:stickout: i never use blind search or network search, i always use the advance search and enter the frequency for the transponder that i want to scan, that way you dont end up with a lot of channels that you don't want, and i delete as i go along, i find it mutch easier to do it this way, but we all have our own way of doing things.: spook : mum said I was a 'nightmare' when I was kid..........not changed much then ROFL

If I post up a screenshot of the Menu settings can you just tell where to enter the info please?

I have 30w 1W 13E 19E 28E stored........preferably 28E, something like on of those FTA music channels posted up?

BTW Can you give what transponders are? I know you can pick up channels H+V within a set band.................what on earth are transponders? LOL

Thanks again!

Hello chrome307, what is a transponder, well to keep it simple, lets call it a transmitter that has the capability to transmit a certain number of tv stations, some transponders have a larger capacity than others, the larger the capacity the more tv stations it can transmit on different freqencies.
The advance serch on th TM is so easy to use, the first thing for you to do before going to the advance search menue is to go to a channel that you have allready stored for the satellite that you want to search, and then when you go into the advance search menue it will be showing the correct satellite, now all you have to do is select menue, that will take you to instalation, use the right arrow button, that should take you to advance search, press ok, that will take you to the search menue, make sure that it is showing the correct satellite, now use your down button to go to transponder, use your left/ right button to select the correct frequency, the symbol rate and polorization should change automaticly as you change frequency, once you have done this press the red scan button, job done, now just follow the on screen instruction, and exit. PHew, raptor.:Drool: