still stumped...where is everyone ??

just getting an image to work on this dreambox m8, my other posts will explain m8, thanks for looking in
hi loady, read your post & sorry to hear we have not got you up and running yet, so have you been able to get the Gemini 1.05 UK image working or are you happy to dive into the Neutrino?

The Autoscan on the Neutrino takes around 20 minutes (mine scans over 500 services & 40+ Transponders), do you have the Cable-sym6952 & other option? It can look like it's doing nothing for agaes, but as you have said it picks nothing up does it give a 'transponder scan failed error'?

Manual scan set to off...

Nothing in the Sym & Freq (underneath the manual scan option)

Did you 'clear' channels and is Bouquets set to 'create new'?

Forgive me if I am stating the obvious but this is how to narrow things down.
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