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Aug 20, 2005
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have got a dbox looking to update seen a starview box for £114.00 are these any good or do i need to get a eurobox also i have flashed images on a dbox and added service files etc is it as easy to do a starview box ?????????
Mate these boxes are sound plug and play if all you are after is free TV. They are simple to flash - much easier than dbox.

1. Just connect box to pc with a null modem, plug in starview and wait until message appears saying "ON".

2. Open up GTROM loader which you can download from here. Click on BINFILE and load up the 257 image - again you will get that from here.

3. Click on download and wait for you box to flash (2-3 minutes).

4. If you can get a hold of a channel dump for your area flash that to your box as well AFTER the 257 image is done.

5. Now plug in box to TV. Using remote do the following:- Menu, press 1570, scroll down to emulation and change from Off to "ON" using the right hand arrow keys of the remote.

6. Now exit back to main screen and go to a scrambled channel - sky sports 1 and wait for the code to update.

They are fine for the money mate.