Stabbed Abi’s new baby


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Nov 19, 2004
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BRAVE Abigail Witchalls - who inspired millions with her incredible strength after a stabbing left her paralysed - wept tears of joy after giving birth to her third child.

Abigail, who is wheelchair-bound, defied medical odds for a second time to give birth to her first daughter, Rebecca.

And last night husband Benoit, 32, told The Sun: "We couldn't be more delighted. It's fantastic. Abigail is doing really well and is incredibly happy. Yes, we're blessed."

Devout Catholic Abigail, 31, was given the last rites after being knifed through the neck and left for dead in April 2005 in a crime that stunned the nation.

She had been wheeling toddler son Joseph in his buggy when a fiend - suspected to be drug-crazed drifter Richard Cazaly, 23, who later committed suicide - pounced near her home in Little Bookham, Surrey.

Thousands sent letters of hope and prayers willing Abigail to get better after it emerged she was ten weeks pregnant.

She amazed experts by regaining consciousness and communicating with her family through winks and going on to give give birth to son Dominic.

Since then, despite still being paralysed, she has made huge progress.

A source said Abigail wept with joy after giving birth at her home and added: "She loves her boys but a little girl is heaven-sent. She's a beautiful baby - with Abigail's angel-face and laughing smile.

"If anyone says there are no miracles in life, I'd invite them to spend an afternoon with Abigail and her family."

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Jun 11, 2009
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Soaring above the clouds
Congratulations to Abigail on the Birth of her Daughters. This is the sort of news people need to read, how those who's lives have been changed by the lifestyle we have to endure on a daily basis of alcohol, drugs etc etc being the fuel to a violent attack, can rise above the hurt and mental scaring and fight to live a normal life.
You are a status symbol to be admired by many Abi' in such a difficult and violent world.