Sportster VS Evocamd


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Oct 4, 2005
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Please could you tell me what the main differences are between sporster 05 and Evocamd?? is the epg the same.


sporster 05 is a image the evocamd is the camd that helps run the image channels picture ect ect

evocamd i suppose you call it a driver for the image that you use

epg is the same depending on the file sectionsd that runs the epg

if you are refering to my updated image titled evocamd Next LEvel vol1.00

thats a uk image for cable with all the latest updated drivers including the new evocamd

and the epg runs upto the next day 6am on all channels

the newer the drivers and camds are the more bugs it cleans out

hope that helps ya
ok the difference
its fully updated drivers , libs , evocamd and has a better picture then the 05

my m8 bought a dbox from germany and it was all german so he gave me his box to sort out and i just updated this image

and was amazed with the results someone that has sky+ has said that the picture is the same as the sky+

i put it down to the facts that its all the updated stuff on it

its like updated you pc or graphics card

cheers m8