Sportster Pro 1.02 and Flash fxp


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May 4, 2005
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Hi folks trying to connect to a nokia dbox wich currently has sportster pro 1.02 installed on it.Really like to put the new nextgen image on it as i find it works best for my area,but hey its only a personal opinion dont bite my head off! lol...anyway having a few problems flashing an image via ifa (tried a few versions) and was trying to connect via flash fxp can someone tell me is the password/username different on this image as when i use root/dbox or root/dbox2 i cant connect my network is set up correctly and i am doing everything as normal but cant seem to gain access to the box to write a new image...any ideas from all the image experts out there would be greatly appreciated.Cheers
K sorted it dont know why i couldnt connect via flashfxp,tried another version of ifa(sorry but i have no idea which one,i tried several versions both german and english) and eventually flashed a new image,although it did seem to take a bit longer than usual to flash across...anyway if anyone else has a similar problem my advice is to just keep trying ifa until u get a version that works best for your box.