Sportster gone off


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Jul 31, 2005
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Hi All,
Only seeing free to air channels since 1 hour ago, using sporster 1.7, is there any known issues? it has been ok for the last 6 months.
Some images have been going off lately due to upgrades by the cable companies. Maybe sportster 1.7 is now being affected.

Is 1.7 the exact version? or is it something like "Cyro Sportster 1.7+ UK05", etc.
Must have been just maintenance work in your area :)
Hi That Happend To Me

we went NVOD, we use the same image and i thought there was something wrong, but then i realised that it was just when i had pressed on a vod channel, if i stay away from those channels everything is fine, but if i press on one of them then i lose all my channels UNTILL I REBOOT MY BOX, once its been rebooted all channels are back UNLESS I HIT A NVOD channell again so all i do now is stay away from all the NVOD channels and everything is fine
I lost all except the free channels last night. I noticed on the keys file that there was a key roll about 8pm last night. I am using Sportster 1.7 UK04. Anybody else seen anything similar?
Country wide CC,s will be messing about with the Modems and TV. They are gearing up for the 10mb BB and also trying to knock out the cloaned modems again. A quick reboot wit hthe plug out will clear it . Not working all the time with the power button power off tho .