splitting broadband line for subbed box


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Dec 4, 2005
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newbie question.

ivee got the broadband in my front room. can i split the line and put my subbed box so i can watch the free channels. dont want to buy another box.

will the box talkback to tw

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you need to make sure the talk back is cut out on your subbed box or you could be in trouble. ie the green led above the channel numbers is flashing and you'll be ok
Yes buy an old box from maybe someone down the pub or fleebay. subbed boxes are EVIL!!!
if its a subbed box you dont cut talkback, you never touch a subbed box

Thanks for the advice 'never touch a subbed box'. Does a subbed box mean the box which is registered under my name and has talkback function? If the box is from someone else but still un-chipped, after cutting off the talkback, is it OK to use? Thanks....: multi : : multi : : multi :

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subbed box means one that someone is paying a subscription for and will have talkback connected. if its a box from a source nothing to do with you, with no chance of it comong back to bite you then after cutting talkback it is ok to be used and modified
Subbed means subscribed.
If you subscribed to a package and the box is registered to you, the CC might come to collect it.
Don't mess with a subbed box imho.
I'd ask the CC to come and collect it BEFORE you start playing.
Jus buy an old box from the fellar down the pub who sells the knocked off kit or get it on fleabay. or if your lucky get you NTL engineer friend to get you one
Cheers, mates.

Thanks for the explanation. Finally, the tinny dictionary in my head is updated again.

One more question.... can I?

Couple days ago, I connected an un-chipped box which I got from somebody with my activated cable, and few channels are visible. After researching and realising how important the t*lkb*ck is :FRIGHT: , I quickly removed it and dare not to connect it till the tb is disable. Am I still OK? Also, is the box still useful and worth to carry on the project? :rolleyes:

Many thanks again :thnks:
If it didnt visit anymore channels than it is supposed to it should be alright. If they say anything say like you was testing a box for your friend
box will still be useful for your project, depending on what box it is as to how easy it will be
If it didnt visit anymore channels than it is supposed to it should be alright........

Thanks for the hint. During those couple of days, I did press 'on demand & interactive' for a few times, and a information about unsubscribed channel, etc showed up, also ITV3&4, etc are unsubscribed. If I remember right, only basic 5 channels & ITV2, News24, 5-life & US are visible.... Was I suiciding to press those two buttons at that moment? : dragon :

By the way, the box is DI4001NC, and at the moment, removing TB is nearly finished, and it just gets stuck at which elements need to be removed because the picture is not accessible for newbie (like me who has less than 20 posts and 10-days registration). Probably I need to be patient for 10 more days.....

However, thanks again for replying quickly :Clap:
I dont think that the ten day rule is enforced. You only need 20 posts. Im not even 10 days old but i have acc