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Nov 22, 2005
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Don`t wanna sound gay or owt (nothing against gays at all ) but has anyone seen this play at the PALLADIUM ? my friends son(13) was hand picked by LLOYD WEBBER to play KURT in this play and last nite i travelled down to LONDON with my family to watch him on stage in the WEST END not being a theater goer myself i thought i wudn`t like it and was going along just to see my friends boy litte micky ,but hey it was amazing and wat a feeling wen he took his bow at the end to a standing ovation from the crowd !!!! UNFORGETTABLE for me and my family .It was last show for all his current cast but wen we got ther his dad told us LLOYD WEBBER has asked him to stay on with the new group !! well like i said don`t know if any of u have seen it but watch out for MICHEAL CURTIS PARSONS a star for the future
My missus is just back from London, but her and my daughter went to see Mary Poppins. She said that was superb too.

Makes it all the better when you know one of the cast though?

Well done to your friends son? :Clap: :Clap:
just hope he keeps his feet on the ground lol i`m sure he will . I can see now why most go and take in a couple of the plays wen in London i was amazed by the whole lot and LESLEY GARRETT blew the ROOF OFF !!!!!!!! (SH-T bang goes my street cred ) lol
oh rite, wait till i tell everyone that DEE747 goes to theatres, and drinks babycham LOL

joking m8.

i have never been to a theatre to watch a webber production, only pantos for me.

but i wouldn't mind watching Michael Flattley 'Riverdance'

well done to little Micky, and good luck for his future.
Sounds great. We went to see Lion King early last year and that was amazing. I have not seen many musical shows, like Highlander mostly Pantos. My wife had never stepped foot into a theater, so she was very surprised (in a good way).

I sometimes wish I had taken up the offer when I was younger to audition for Oliver, but I was too busy playing with my friends and going out down to the park. Now I am trying to get some kind of role in a show but nothing is coming from anything yet. Just think if he keeps at it he could be raking in about £10,000 per week in a few years.