Sony Laptop VGN-T27gp,TomTom blew the arse out my comp.


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Oct 8, 2006
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Just recieved my comp back from Sony.

I plugged in my tomtom910 via the docking station,into the usb slot(while it was mains charging tomtom) and blew the arse out my comp.

This happened in Dec,my bro has the exact same laptop,and the exact same tomtom,I done the same thing with his too(woops)

Must be an issue with compatability or something.I can remember plugging my tomtom in to my comp and it working ok,just when it was hooked up to the mains,is when the problem happened.

Just to let yous know,Im well para about plugging it in now,tried it with my home base and seems to work ok,thats after tomtom sent us out 2 new models right enough.

(it had blew the usb chip on my comp,sony replaced for free, but it was the inconvienience of not having my comp for the best part of 5 months)
Are you supposed to plug a tomtom into mains and USB at same time?

TomTom site says nothing about plugging it into mains, just USB.

TomTom uses USB power to operate/charge it whilst plugged to P.C/Laptop.