SONY dru 530a


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Mar 28, 2005
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I've got a sony dru 530a in my computer. Til now I've watched all dvds on it no probs. inc copied etc.

My m8 jus got me sum dvd's frm singapore n they dont work on it. although i tired it on his laptop n they work fine.

I know that the sony drive is region protected, but after checking out some website I've downloaded the latest firmware for it being ver2.1g.

after tht i ran the rpc-1 program for the sony dru 530a and then checked a program called disc info ver 1.5 to see if it is locked. It told me that they#re are no locks. B4 all this it use to say it was locked n tht i got 2 changes.

I tired to watch the imported dvd but still no joy!!

then i found a program called dvd region free+css which claims tht it can play any dvd regardless of region. But I still cant get it 2 work.

I also tried a pro called dvd ghost.. no joy.

Please is there any1 out thr who has got the sony dru530a drive n is able to watch all dvd's with it. if their is HOW did u do it.

Any help would be most appreciated.