some probs and warranty questions


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Nov 17, 2005
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08 Vectra, still under manufacturers warranty until 2011

The aircon isnt what it once was is this likely to be covered?

Speakers in rear of the car appear to no longer work this likely to be covered?

Another prob i seem to have is when doing sharp turns like round abouts can sometimes feel the backend almost go obviously i correct it but feel if i didnt correct it would go.. mainly in rain right enough likely to be tyre choice rather than anything to do with car?

Lastly sometimes can hear what sounds like a very small/tiny pump type noise coming from just behind the dash not like the window wash pump a much quieter softer version and very intermittent any ideas? lol

I know technically some of the above would be answered by vauxhall/arnold clark but... just looking for some general advice incase they do their usual and talk sh1te lol
PS My knowledge of how a car works is probs less than my mrs! lol i know nowt so any advice is good cheers

and as witchy got 8 pages out of a wee dribble of water im expecting some responses (joke)


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Jan 26, 2007
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aircon prob just needs regassed mate, dont think this will be covered, I'd imagine if their is a fault with the steario it would be covered

Air con needs regassed ever couple of yers to keep it 100% effichant

if thier is a fault with the aircon however it should be covered as well

Best think to do would be to pop into the dealer and ask them and hope that you dont get a wank lol

Also that sounds more like a bush or somthing is worne and is causing you to fell the back end twiching, might be worth asking them to look at it.

It might be worth joining up to a vetria onwers culb on the net as they will have losts of into on commen faults ect ect
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