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Nov 29, 2005
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Some time ago I purchased a NTell box (Di4001) along with a titanium 2 card.
Everything worked fine until they were all cancelled out. I approached the guy who sold me the box and the matched titanium card.He asked me for the 2 set's of numbers on the base of the box and he will supply me with another card only this time it would be a Genuine NTell card that would be updated automatically.
Great I thought and all was well untill I asked the price. I thought he was telling me his phone number but no it was the price. £120 so we parted with foul mouth abuse.
I have now bought 2 Genuine Brand new NTell cards along with another box with the intension of modding the one box and setting up the other card for the box I all ready have. The advice I need is this "If I have these 2 numbers on the base on the box (which the guy asked for) what problems can I envisage trying to program the one card.
Please remember that I am a complete newbe to this and any advice would be gratefully received. I am waiting for my programmer to be delivered it is a Phoenix TMC.

Many Thanks
Have a search for MOSC card tutorials and also search how to obtain your IRD and BK Numbers from your new box. It may take a little time searching around but believe me.. These questions have been answered lots of times with some really easy to follow tutorials.

It’s easy when you read how.

When you have had a read and ... or should I say if you don’t understand them.. Lots of really knowledgeable and helpful people come out to help.

Have a read and try typing some questions into the search...

PS It wont cost you 120 Quid. lol
Hi m8”!

The two digits the guy asked means nothing to you”! It’s simply a reference No: so he can look for your details in is system”!

Have you still got the tit 2 card???? Because you can read and get your details off it
Just use file saveeprom in winexplorer

Like “”pmoore31”” said, Read and read before attempting to do your first Mosc and if in doubt just ask
The numbers I am referring to are.
No1 This number is 8 Digits consisting of Alphabet and numerals like so
8D D8 6B 14 (these are not the actual Numbers)

No2 This number is 16 Digits.

OB 6D D5 EA G6 7G D7 OD (These are not the actual numbers)

What I was wondering is if these are the only numbers that he is requiring would these be the IRD and the BK numbers.

Any help would be appreciated
Sounds like it”! 16 digit is BK and 8 digit is IRD

Does the 8 digit no: start or end with 12 ???
Yes Carwash it do
I would have posted the exact numbers but didn't know wether I would have been allowed.