solder pro 70


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Mar 25, 2005
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hello guys, has anybody used the iroda solder pro 70 from maplins to lift the atty's with and any tips with it PLEASE..............Stevo :xmas:
post the link to it mate ill have a look for you to see if its any good

i use a hot air reflow station meself
i used to use one of these back in the day, works well but you need to know what your doing as you can toast the chip
mate look on ebay, you can get them cheap, ive seen them on there for as little as £12 delivered for the kit (the one thats £40 in maplins) .. I just missed out on that one..
Theres another guy on ebay from taiwan (bizkeypro) who I bought mine off and its about £26 quid delivered for the kit. Takes about a week and a half to arrive but the guy is a good seller (gives you tracking numbers etc)

Hope this helps

Thanks Jimmyq and edcase for your reply,have got a solderpro 70 and managed to get the atty's off and programmed them with a willem 3.1,just got to get them back on now,just very nervous doing it so taking my time,thanks anyway for your help,keep up the good work..............Stevo
and RIKSTA forget to mention you aswell sorry,thanks