Software update problem


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Aug 24, 2003
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I have swapped a 4 chip simm from 1 CR3 software box over into a CR1 software box that had a two chip simm.

It took the update but now when I put the two chip simm back in it gives me err4 and is stuck in an update loop.

Any ideas?
Both 1000 boxes. One has a 2 chip simm and the other has 4 chip simm. the 4 chip simm works fine, but the 2 chip is stuck in a loop. I pulled the red jumper and reset the NetID but still no joy. Do I need to use a 4 chip simm in both to run CR3 software?
I think I need to have a 4 chip simm to run the CR3 software. Does anyone have an old one I could have please?
It is working now with the 4 chip simm in. It has updated to CR3 but I only have one 4 chip simm. So only one working box. I can swap the simm in both boxes and they both work with the simm, but not with the 2 chip simm :(