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Dec 2, 2005
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hi guys feeling a bit stupid !
i tried yesterday to download xbins file for softmod
but downloaded the wrong file ,and as the one i was downloading exceeded the limit my connection was cut and it said to try again the next day which was very fair so i read the tut again to makesure i would get the right file and tried again to-day but i have just been banned so is there some kind person out there could send me the file please i hope i,m not breaking any rules for asking this if so i appolagize now ,i am all new to this xbox thing so sorry for being such a noob???????????? thanks for any help
Hi M8,

If you are following my tut on softmodding then i'll assume that you have a copy of splintercell.?

If you PM with your e-mail i will send you the files needed.
Can someone tells me if it matters which Xbox version you have
to do the softmod with splintercell.

Thank you for replying,