SNR to do you increase?


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Jul 19, 2005
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I have traced my intermittent reception issues to a low SNR of 26.0 - 26.5Db on my pace stb. According to the manual, ideally it should be 27Db to 30Db. At the current readings i am getting a signal, but the picture and sound 'freezes' every 10 secs or so, very irritating

A few months ago this wasnt an issue for me as i had the box working ok, and im sure it was around the 30db mark, so there must have been some recent changes.

Is there a way i can increase the Db to hit the 30 mark without contacting the service provider, whom i am assuming could do this from their end? Would a higher quality coax cable to the stb help here, or do i need to buy a 4db amplifier (if they exists), or is there nothing I can do about the SNR short of phoning the service providor?

If it's a subbed box, get ntl out.... If not, either better quality coax or an amp will fix it. I had an installation recently that worked 100% , but it failed to lock into an update, showing stuck in tune. Moved the box downstairs and it took the update, then put the box back upstairs.Poor cable or too long.
Any suggestions on an good amp make/model and where i can get one?

I tried maplins but they were totally useless....all they had was a 20db in-line amp for a satellite dish, and your regular TV boosters.

I will go out and get a HQ coax lead to test it, in any case.

I've heard from a friend the £7.99 variable, digital boosters from argos do the trick
have you tried the argos signal booster have they worked for you because i am having the same problem