sms mayhem


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Dec 7, 2006
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this app is funny as f**k oh the fun iv had
look for it on the market
i just sent my mate a text from orange uk telling him You have exceded your monthly data allowance, in excess of £150 You are now being charged £5 per 5mb of data.
This'll be fun.

I'm going to send my Dad a bill for Sex Chat lines ;)
just been on and cant find it :( is it a free one?
just been on and cant find it :( is it a free one?

Have you tried grabbing it via AppBrain?

It might not be available on the market for your particular phone, but AppBrain should allow access to the download.


Actually, I can't find it myself.

Even if I do use AppBrain. :(
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I found it eventually on Market.

I'm grabbing the free version. :)
I used eris market fix cos it would not show up for me as well
want me to email u the free pack?
i think u can send about 3 for free i got the 20 pack been sending text from one contact to an other sent one to one bloke in work from our boss asking him to come to his office lol its mad
yeh if you could m8 thatd be brill :)


just found it :)

cheers m8
just read their terms, any credit bought is only valid for one day??
where do u see there terms mate ? mine still working just had it about 24hours so ill have a look later

cant see anyone buying 75 if u got to use in 24 hours
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