Sling Box???


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May 12, 2005
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I have just been told about a itm called a sling box???
does anyone know much about theses ?? would they work if i connected it to my mod tpest box and then let my brother view the channels in his house in wales? via the internet.. we both have broadband but he dosnt have cable in his area! so i thought if i get another box andleave it connected in the back bed room then he will be able to use it to view in his house.

Also can you change the channels over the internet as well or not??

any info would be gr8.

I have had one for nearly a year... great device!

yes you can basically control your stb from anywhere with an internet connection (and sling software of course) and watch it as if you were at home.
have u ever tried watching it via tv out timbo or do just watch it on a pc or laptop ?
i bet its just your usual crap quality though cause ya will be viewing it over an internet connection ??? thats crap, but i suppose if you were desperate to see corantion street while in japan it might be ok, LOL.
cant the dbox2 do this via ywebs n u settin up ur dbox ip open to the net via router or somthing??