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Nov 19, 2004
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I've just order a sky+ with 40gb hard drive

1. is it possiable to put a larger ide drive into the sky+ box
2. can you copy saved TV programmes to a pc or record then to DVD
the 40GB system will accept drives up to 120G, you can put bigger ones in but only 120 will register and be used. to copy recorder programmes you can connect either to a dvd recorder (which i have done) by a scart lead vrom the vcr scart socket or you can run to a tv capture card on a pc using the RF output
what version sky+ box do you have m8? the v1 will only recognise 120G of the drive, the v2 might utilise the whole lot, im not too sure, and the latest v3 have a 160G fitted but software only allows 80G of it to be used, so if the drove was changed i honestly dont know if the box would allow you to see more then 80G. might be worth asking the seller and posting his reply for other people who are thinking of this ;)
Havn't got the box yet, its being installed on sunday so I guess it would be a v2. do you know what format is used when recording to the box? would it be possiable to remove the drive and install in a pc a read the recorded stuff?
if you having it installed sunday itll be a v3. it will have a 160G fitted but you will only get to use 80G so i dont know if changing the drive will give you more space as the box software tells the drive to only show 80G

the box records the actual recieved information so you wouldnt be able to read it on anything other than a sky+ box m8
digidude said:
. might be worth asking the seller and posting his reply for other people who are thinking of this ;)

sellers reply -

You need to check the version of your Sky box. If the version is 9F2006 or above then you will be fine, if it is less than that then it will still work, its just that you may get occasional recordings that wont play all the way through.

hope that helps, if there is anything else that you need then let us know.
You should be ok then m8, all the v3 boxes i have here start 9F2202. get into the bargain section now and see if you can find a 200G drive for less than 90 quid and do it yourself a bit cheaper ;)
40 hours of recording not 40gb

do you know why they restrict the boxes to only see 80gb of the 160gb?
its something to do with a new service that due out. faster games as they stored on the hdd, some sort of VOD, theres also usb ports so theres talk about being able to link to other devices