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Sky/Setanta Televised live fixtures for the season 2008/09.


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Nov 19, 2004
Sat Aug 16 12.45pm Sky – Arsenal v West Brom
Sat Aug 16 5.15pm Setanta – Sunderland v Liverpool
Sun Aug 17 1.30pm Sky – Chelsea v Portsmouth
Sun Aug 17 4.00pm Sky – Man Utd v Newcastle
Sat Aug 23 12.45pm Sky – Man City v West Ham
Sat Aug 23 5.15pm Setanta – Fulham v Arsenal (Liverpool v Middlesbrough if blocked by police)
Sun Aug 24 1.30pm Sky – Wigan v Chelsea
Sun Aug 24 4.00pm Sky – Portsmouth v Man Utd
Sat Aug 30 12.45pm Sky – West Ham v Blackburn
Sat Aug 30 5.15pm Setanta – Everton v Portsmouth
Sun Aug 31 1.30pm Setanta – Aston Villa v Liverpool
Sun Aug 31 4.00pm Sky – Chelsea v Tottenham
Sat Sep 13 12.45 Sky – Liverpool v Man Utd
Sat Sep 13 5.15 Setanta – Man City v Chelsea
Sun Sep 14 4.00pm Sky – Tottenham v Aston Villa
Mon Sep 15 8.00pm Setanta – West Brom v West Ham
Sat Sep 20 12.45pm Sky – Bolton v Arsenal
Sat Sep 20 5.15pm Setanta – Sunderland v Middlesbrough (West Ham v Newcastle if blocked by police)
Sun Sep 21 1.30pm Sky – West Brom v Aston Villa
Sun Sep 21 4.00pm Sky – Chelsea v Man Utd
Sat Sep 27 12.45pm Sky – Everton v Liverpool
Sat Sep 27 5.15pm Setanta – Stoke v Chelsea
Sun Sep 28 4.00pm Sky – Portsmouth v Tottenham
Mon Sep 29 8.00pm Setanta – Fulham v West Ham
Sat Oct 4 12.45pm Sky – West Ham v Bolton
Sat Oct 4 5.15pm Setanta – Blackburn v Man Utd
Sun Oct 5 1.30pm Sky – Everton v Newcastle
Sun Oct 5 4.00pm Sky – Man City v Liverpool
Sat Oct 18 12.45pm Sky – Arsenal v Everton
Sat Oct 18 5.15pm Setanta – Middlesbrough v Chelsea
Sun Oct 19 4.00pm Sky – Aston Villa v Portsmouth
Mon Oct 20 8.00pm Setanta – Hull v West Ham
Sat Oct 25 12.45pm Sky – Sunderland v Newcastle
Sun Oct 26 12.00pm Setanta – Portsmouth v Fulham (Sunday as after UEFA cup game)
Sun Oct 26 2.00pm Sky – Everton v Man Utd (West Ham v Arsenal if blocked by police)
Sun Oct 26 4.10pm Sky – Chelsea v Liverpool
Tue Oct 28 8.00pm Sky – Newcastle v West Brom
Wed Oct 29 8.00pm Sky – Arsenal v Tottenham
Sat Nov 1 12.45pm Sky – Tottenham v Liverpool
Sat Nov 1 5.15pm Setanta – Stoke v Arsenal
Sun Nov 2 4.00pm Sky – Newcastle v Aston Villa
Mon Nov 3 8.00pm Setanta – Bolton v Man City
Sat Nov 8 12.45pm Sky – Blackburn v Chelsea
Sat Nov 8 5.15pm Setanta – Man City v Tottenham
Sun Nov 9 1.30pm Sky – Sunderland v Portsmouth
Sun Nov 9 4.00pm Sky – Arsenal v Man Utd
Sat Nov 15 12.45pm Sky – Hull v Man City
Sat Nov 15 5.15pm Setanta – Arsenal v Aston Villa
Sun Nov 16 1.30pm Sky – Fulham v Tottenham
Sun Nov 16 4.00pm Sky – West Brom v Chelsea
Sat Nov 22 12.45pm Sky – Man City v Arsenal
Sat Nov 22 5.15pm Setanta – Aston Villa v Man Utd
Sun Nov 23 4.00pm Sky – Tottenham v Blackburn
Mon Nov 24 8.00pm Setanta – Sunderland v West Ham
Sat Nov 29 12.45pm Sky – Middlesbrough v Newcastle
Sun Nov 30 1.30pm Setanta – Man City v Man Utd
Sun Nov 30 4.00pm Sky – Chelsea v Arsenal
Mon Dec 1 8.00pm Setanta – Tottenham v Everton