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Dec 29, 2008
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hi guys! ive asked b4 and will try again, can anyone point me in the right direction on wat gear i would need to recieve the footy the pundits watch on sky sports desk on saturday afternoons. ive looked at some sites like wizard satalite and ariel store but havent got a clue what to buy.. dont want to be buying the wrong set up.. would be grateful for your help guys... thanks
there are a few options open to you m8. depending on which channels you want and if you have a broadband connection id say get yourself a fixed dish with 28.2e/19.2e/13e or a 90cm/100cm motorised dish and take a look at the spiderbox 5000sd/7000hd or the maxx1000/ protek 9600ip/9700iphd and theres also the linux stb,s like the tm800hd/tm600 or their dmm equivilents the dm800hd/dm600. if you dont have a broadband connection and router then have a look at the tring card for the footy or a cheap stb and patch it for bulsat via emu/keys. it all depends on how much cash you want to spend and whether you want a basically plug+play or your prepared to put the work in. take your time and do alot of reading and ask on here if/when you get stuck. regards mdt
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thanks a lot for the info m8 ! will give it a good read and hopefully i can put in the work!! me realy wanting the dish! im currently on sky broadband.. thanks again m8 its appreciated..