Sky dish + Freeview = ??????


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Mar 3, 2007
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would this work!

if i connect my frieview box to a sky dish?
Nope but you can get a sky box and use that instead with Skys freesat service.
If you have all the sky equipment, including the box then you can buy the freesat card from sky for about £40 i think.

But bare in mind that freesat is missing most of the channels that makes freeview great, and doesnt replace them with anything good really (imo).
you dont have to have a freesat card with a sky digibox, but if you choose then it costs £20. I have the oposite view to TheWakeUpCall's post above, i would swap E4 & More4 for the tons of extra on satellite anyday. Each persons view is different, but it still dont mean you can use a 'Freeview' terrestrial box with a sky dish :).
I didn't think that you had to pay for freesat cards. Has that changed recently ?

When I got mine it was free, although I think the BBC were dishing them out then. I've got both freesat via a Sky digibox and Freeview (built into TV). Their channel line ups are similar. You need to look at the lists to see which suits you best. I keep the freesat as its connected to my Tivo for recording programs.

I also use a Sky digi box connected to a Tivo, it's more reliable than the 2 Freeview boxes I've owned.

I bought my box off ebay from a seller in the west country, I live in the south, and apart from getting west country BBC1 and ITV1 it's great.

You can use a digi box without a card but won't receive ITV, CH4, Five and others.
you will receive itv without a card.
To confirm guys, a freesat card costs £20 (has done for couple of years at least) and currently gets you these channels extra- Channel4, Five, Five Life, Five US, and Sky3.
oh! I thought ITV was missing, I'll check when I get home.

BTW, where can I get a freesat card for £20 from. When I called Sky last year I'm sure they wanted £20. I just need a new card for local news as right now I have to watch west country news :)