Site Problems

what sort of problems are you refering to...there is ongoing upgrade work so there may be hiccups now and again.
I'm guessing mickie has put vBulletin Version on from scratch to get around the response issues before so got the hacks to add ?
I wasn't on yesterday but now i don't have the shout box and it is showing i don't have any subscribed threads and i can't see the smillies anymore i'm just getting a white box with a red x.

Any advice folks.
like i said mickie is still working on the upgrade you will have to be patient.
site is rocking m8y as far as it goes for me fixing the problems ;)

load is very low (about 700 users and its below 1 (very good))

lets see when we get another key change and there is 1300 on before i jump the gun ;)

but yes there will be alot needed to be done, the mods are keeping me on my toes aswell spotting we dont ahve .rar etc type files......

what i did was copy the users and the posts, forum details over from the old baord into a new database as the old database was very old and never upgraded ever.... seems to have done the trick, took me hours to add all the forum permissions and what i thought was nearly finished forum settings lol... so this week i will try and get everything back to normal.... once i have done all settings and stuff i will concentrate on adding some modifications (shoutbox is top priority after welcome PM)

Mickie D
As ever Mickie, thanx for all your hard work...I don't know where you the energy from!!!:p

Again, Ta very much
I'm having no end of problems accessing the site at the mo. Some days I can't get on at all, other days I'm getting username and password errors....... right now I'm having difficulty posting replies and have to keep logging in every time I want to post a reply.......... Still, being in the business I know what the guys at the sharp end are going through..... patience will hopefully iron out the snags. I'm using different pc's i.e builds and ip addresses / proxies so I don't think its machine specific. Goodluck... here's to the humble a***ga may it rise like a pheonix soon!!!
No problem accessing the time and getting around it EXCEPT DOWNLOADS - CAN'T ACCESS IT FOR THE PAST FEW DAYS.