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Aug 6, 2005
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Any of you guys heard of a silverbox? a guy I know owns a cable shop and he says that its an ex-sat box thats been modded and that he's not had a chance to do it for cable tv.

He was asking me to have a go but I'm not as clever as some of the guys on here! :)

Anyway, just wondering if any1 else has heard of this?
Yes, silverbox is the similar to Eurovox and FTA101, except it didnt go off after the updates! Not sure how easy they are to do, might want to have a quick peak in the general cable section for a bit more info on it...

cheers mate! i'll have a look and see if its worth it mate. Bit busy with other things at the moment so I'll see what happens.

I'll keep use all posted tho!

Hi very easy to silver box loader,load in file supplied useing same serial cable as eurovox.set up area you are in and run scan.Not much different than for latest version 7.10 not 7.02
SilverBox, where to get it

Although slagged off by those not in the no. The Silverbox did not ad has not gone down. It's the size of a small midi cd player (review by mickie d somewhere here - do a search) discreet and cute. Only places i have seen it is at and .:BLOBBY:
silverbox still going strong updates not affected these units at all unlike my other box fta101 the silverbox is good unit for those who like a pint of guiness (worth the wait):Cheers: