signal amplification?



Hi guyz

Can someone tell me if there is a way to amplify the nt'ell signal.

The reason for askin' is I have 2 receivers and broadband all connected via a splitter that I have made. The problem is that having now connected the 2nd receiver, my broadband doesn't connect unless I remove one of the receivers which then works fine.
How did you make your own splitter? Have you measured the loss? A good COTS three way splitter should only lose about 3dB and should cost less that a fiver.
Buy a proper splitter and save time and effort i run 3 digi boxes 1 analoug and broadband all from one main feed no problems as yet and this has been working like this over a year
thanks guys, time to invest methinks.

where can I get one from?
thanks for the input guyz.

Having gone on to the Maplins web site, I have noticed they also do a line amplifier would that help boost the signal and generally improve things?

What does the panel think?

If you're running broadband you need to remember that any booster you use needs to be bi-directional - there is a Motorola unit which does this, but no idea if the Maplin unit will do the job.
thanks bammy

do you think it's worth getting rather than a splitter?
Connect one of your devices directly to the cable feed and look at the signal strength (either go into the engineers menu on one of your tv boxes or log on to the cable modem at (userid & password = 'root')). Look at the downstream SNR. Anything below 30dB is maginal, so you are looking for a figure in excess of 33dB assuming that you are going to introduce a splitter with a 3dB loss.
hi bammy

I have been watching The MCNS downstream SNR estimate for about 5 mins and it fluctuates between 7.0dB to 56.8dB, is it supposed to be stable?

I got no joy with site unavailable.
Should be stable. Are you connecting your PC to your modem by ethernet?
If so you should be able to login to the modem. You can look at the strength with and without the splitter inserted to confirm the loss in the splitter.
sorry m8 I should have explained that the readings I gave was from the cable box directly connected at source (without any splitter or anything else connected).
Problem solved it seems.

I invested in a new 4 way splitter from Maplin's (which I should have done in the first place) and new cabling to the boxes and BINGO.

Thanks to all who took the time to assist.