shuttle pc(spares or repairs)

Are you not trying for a refund from the seller? it's only six weeks old!
i did try mate but i wil be honest i cant be bothered getting angry about things like this anymore, its not worth it

in saying that if he was round the corner i would ahve maybe have given him a visit ;-)
see it diead when i opened the case, so cant say anything :-(
you should have said when i was over mate could maybe have fixed it for you? unsure why it would cost £100 to fix? what exactly is the prob is it powering up? getting to the bios etc.. ?
well tbh someone can have a bargin, as now i had bought colins i dont need it
no takers guys?, i am sure one of you wizz kids could get it running and a have a sweet machine
no one up for the project???

yes mate, I am intreted in a project depending on price, it is a shame no onehas taken you up on this one, have you revised you price, if so how much are you looking for incuding postage..

no revise sorry as the postage would be about £20 (special delv) and paypal fees would be about a fiver, but its pickup up in the glasgow area then these fees wouldnt apply
We could maybe work something out, I stay in West Lothian, so we may be able to meet up, with a new price..better thst thsn it gathering dust : big crow
£100 collected and its yours

ps remember its not working (dont want anyone to feel i am hiding anything)