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Jun 28, 2005
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Sorry this was roughly translated to Spanglish by me :(

10 MONDAY October 2005

07:00 Airborne magnetic detection Mission IV
[ Action 1986] says that an object with an extremely attractive power exists for which they look for to do badly. One is a prism that, apparently, it provides...

08:30 Crimes of the past
[ Suspense, 2000 ] Will Reed be in concealing a dark past marked by the death of its woman in a fire.

10:00 The great route towards China
[ Adventures, 1983 ] the Eva young person finds out that his father in Afghanistan is going to be assassinated. Aid decides to go to rescue it but ...

11:45 The protector
[ Drama, 1985 ] Billy Wong is a New York cop whose colleague is assassinated by a band of gangsters during a robbery.

13:25 Inmortales 2
[ Scif Fi 1991] Set in the future Earth because the ozone layer disappears and die to newspaper thousands of people.

15:00 Jason X
[ Terror, 2000 ] Futurristic tale with an old favourite

16:35 Shiri
[ Action 1999] a Korea divided in north and the south fights to reunify itself. Lee, secret agent of the north, is sent to other half to take part in...

18:40 The shade of the intruder
[ Action 1996] Jim Holland, an ex-ones works in a security company, spends one night with sexy and mysterious Amanda. He discovers that...

20:25 A body in the forest
[ Thriller, 1996 ] a group of hunters discovers, in the thickness of the forest, the half-naked body of a girl with indications clear of to be assassinated. She is a young person of...

22:00 Dr Wong in America
[ Action 1997] Dr Wong who was founding of a school of kung-fu and a hospital in China, establishes a branch of the school in...

23:40 Force suicide on kings
[ Comedy, 1997 ] Charles Bennett, is the head of the crime in New York. One night, in its favorite restaurant...........

01:25 In front of them
[ Suspense, 1989 ] An American cop travels to Vancouver, Canada to work elbow with elbow with the Montreal Police......

03:00 Prohibited blood
[ Terror, 1990 ] In a center specialized in diseases of the blood, is carried out investigations. In one of them................