should i change to dream box


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Aug 17, 2005
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im a dbox user, t/w area had it for a while now , all works great , stable image good picture. now my question is , should i be looking to move to dream box ? what is the advantage of the dream box , or is it a case of upgrading to newer style box?
also there seems to be a prob developing with some dboxers losing the channels (possibly cable companys doing somthing ) would it be less likely to happen on dream box ??
There is a greater support for the developing of emu's on the dreambox than the dbox. Therefore, if the cable companies were to do something horribly disastrous, then its likely that we'd have a fix for it within 24 hours.

I am moving on to the dreambox, not only because it looks better, but because its more powerful (you can clearly see that from the technical specifications on the box).