should i call virgin?


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Sep 12, 2004
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with all this stuff going on with them and sky im looking for some advice.

i called them not long ago and tried to get my bill dropped by saying i wasnt happy with the price i was paying and was thinking of moving to sky.
but as ive got 6 months left of my contract they obviously wasnt worried and didnt take it seriously.

im now thinking that now there is no sky one of calling them and saying that my daughter watches the simpsons every night and is going to be very upset at not watching it, and that i am seriously thinking of moving to sky now that one of the channels i watch every day is not available on their service.

anyone give me any advice on the matter and what i should say to try and get them to reduce my bill or offer me and upgraded service for the same price im paying??
or should i not bother as ive got a long time left on my contract?

any help on the matter will be greatly appreciated..
i tried all you will get is that they will be adding more/new progs instead. good luck and keep us posted
they have to give you one months notice in writing dont they if a change is going to happen that could be serieous enough to cause a breach of contract? as all this only started on feb 8th then they wont have given you the months notice so they are in breach of contract
they are not responsible for a broadcaster dude, in the same way you are not responsible for channels on the sat dish you install. If a broadcaster goes bust, pulls their channels, fails to renew a contract, changes the material it shows etc, then that will be in the virgin smallprint that they are not responsible.
does that still apply if you had taken up a special package ( e.g sky movies) and then cos they didnt renew the contract with sky you lost it. im sure if you had such a package, you would be left without any channels really.. like down from 20 to like 5,.... you must be able to be compensated for that surely..
virgin have released statement to say if you want to cancel your subscription then you can do so by the end of march. You will not be held to the contract period if you decide you cannot continue without the basic sky channels.

As for the premium channels they remain. If they were removed too then i am sure you will be able to cancel without loss, but there wouldnt be 'compensation'.

I think I was saved by the bell, I was just about to cancel Sky and go to cable then this happens.

Wife and kids would not talk to me if they lost sky 1. Is that a bad thing???