Shadows behind the picture


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Jun 4, 2005
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Could any body explain why i have a shadow behind my main picture, and what might cause this???:flame:
try conectting it to the tv without anything else connected
also try the other scart connection
see if that helps.
just to try and help - one thing that it could be is if your telly has all of its scart lead on the rear all next to each other which normally is the case - and in most cases people tend to use any old scart lead - invest in some good ones with metal cases round the plug itself - reason being is that one scart will "radiate" into the next causing ghosting - i had the same problem and bought some IXOS cables and then the problem was gone and the picture was improved at the same time......thats what did for me anyway pardon the pun....
also could be your image i had a few images the give slight shadowing in the pictures but on some channels it was ok

do you get this on all channels or some m8

if you also have a vcr plugged to the tv it will be a frequeny clash between the two, to check turn the video off and see if it dissapears, if so you can change the frequency in the settings