UK News Seven-stone police dog was in 'fight mode' as officer held its chain with one FINGER before it broke free to savage pensioner, 73, for second time lea


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Jun 3, 2001
Police dog in 'fight mode' when it savaged pensioner in Middlesbrough | Daily Mail Online

What I notice here is the use of a word, "controlling".

"A seven-stone police dog was in 'fight mode' when it savaged a frail grandmother in her kitchen, an inquest has heard.

Irene Collins, 73, died four days after the brutal attack in which she was heard screaming 'why is this happening to me?'

Police dog Dano mauled Irene twice in quick succession after breaking free from his handler in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire on July 16, 2014.

Handler PC Mark Baines told the inquest yesterday that his German shepherd was in 'fight mode' or 'prey drive' as it attacked Mrs Collins in her home.

After the first attack, PC Baines managed to get the dog to release its grip, taking control of the animal with a single finger through a loop in the chain around its neck.

With the dog held, he managed to drag it six feet away from where the bloodied pensioner lay in the hallway.

But as PC Baines adjusted his grip to get a stronger hold, Dano backed out of his collar and launched a second attack, grabbing the elderly woman, who had cancer and emphysema, by the back of her right leg."

"I was controlling a six and a half to seven stone police dog with one finger.

I tried to get a better grip of him by putting my hand between his neck and the chain and twisting it so I had hold of him completely.

'But as I adjusted my hand, because of the drive he was in, he came backwards out of his collar."

That should be "Trying to control".



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Oct 6, 2005
More than 4 years for an inquest to be held?????
Bloody scandalous


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Apr 13, 2007
Wonder why it was in this fight mode ? It was just searching a garden.

Either way Copper needs sacking he was not in control of the animal and it caused a faitality. If it was me and my dog id be locked up.

They should not release a dog if there the slightest chance an innocent person could be hurt by it.
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