setting up dbox


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Oct 12, 2005
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can someone please run me through all the available options i have with my dbox apart from just the tv side....would appreciate some advice/tips please guys.....
what i can do to dbox apart from just the tv side what are its limits?
It is basicly a cable receiver. You can add a few fun plugins (nothing that useful though). You can stream video to your computer and capture it to your HD. It won't do the washing up or anything like that so it does have its limitations. I suggest having a look at previous threads to get an idea of whats out there.

ok thanks i have browsed around and not seen too much in the way of add ins apart from reading about games and webcams and stuff just thought u guys out there may be able to point me as to whats is usefull and what is not.......
thanks mate ill check it out and see what its about.......