Setting up bouquets - help please


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Feb 24, 2007
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Following Devilfish's guide on setting up Bouquets for Enigma images (DW 1.62).

Now you have your bouquets created, you need to fill them with channels.
Press OK and the main bouquet screen will come up.
Select RED for All Services.
The channels with epg in brackets next to them are the channels that actually work. Channels without epg will show nothing.
Highlight the channels one by one, i.e. ABC1.
Press the Menu button on the remote.
Select add to a specific bouquet.
Select the bouquet that you want to put the channel in.
For example,
Sky Sports 1 > Sports
Sky Movies 4 > Movies
CBeebies > Kids
You will be returned to the All Services screen.
Select the next channel and do the same.
Do this until there are no channels left.

Right, I've created my list of bouquets and am attempting to add channels to them. When I follow the above should I expect the channel I've moved to a bouquet to disappear from the all services list?

Note the last line above "Do this until there are no channels left".

For instance I select Sky Movies 1 and put it into Movies but Sky Movies 1 is also still in the All Services list. By doing this I run the risk of losing where I'm up to.
Only new myself but thats exactly what I did and the channels stay in both the all services and my new bouquets so no probs
You will always get a list of all the channels from the provider in the all services list.The thing to watch is to lock the Adult channels here as well as in your Bouquets.
Yes the channels stay in the All Services section as well as being added to your bouquet.

"Do this until there are no channels left"

By this I was meaning, no channels left to move into a bouquet.

Sorry if it's confusing. :)
Once you have manually added all the channels to your bouquets, just in case it all crashes, is there an easy way to back up the bouquets?

I'm using Enigma images (DW 1.62).

Thanks in advance.
using FlashFXP or simlar
backup services, bouquets from
and from

Then on new image copy the files back to their original locations

Replace with your dreambox IP

Then using a web browser go to the url

job done
thats the way I do it (thanks wiggy)
Also if you have a DW image, there is a reload channels menu in the BLUE button menu so you don't have to execute the browser commands.