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Sega Saturn Modchip

Discussion in 'MAME & Classic Gaming and Emulation' started by Purity, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Purity

    Purity VIP Member

    Please can anyone PM me where to obtain a Sega Saturn modchip anywhere in the UK please?
  2. shaun127

    shaun127 VIP Member

    Have you tried
    [URL="http://www.consolegoods.co.uk/"]Consolegoods.co.uk :: Nintendo 64 :: SNES :: Sega Saturn :: Neo Geo :: Dreamcast :: Mega Drive :: NES :: Super Famicom :: modified consoles :: controllers :: scart cables[/URL]
    just read he had to take them of his site but he still stocks them and sells them if you contact him via email

    Or Canada arrives within a week

    CAN - Zer0-2k11's Mod-chip and installation shop. | ASSEMbler - Home of the obscure
  3. spud1966

    spud1966 Moderator Staff Member

    Not a Mod chip but a Emulator

    Sega Saturn Emulator Yabause How to Install and Run


    just got it running and running digital pinball

    wow the good old days

    Game Compatibility list

    Last edited: Jan 11, 2017
  4. Purity

    Purity VIP Member

    Thanks guys I'll email consolegoods.co.uk

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