Scanning for channels sagem v nokia


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Sep 27, 2005
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Hi all

Can anybody shed any light

I have a nokia box with sportster 1.74 image works great and can get all channels including front row

I have also recently purchaced a sagem box with sportster 1.76 image which although works ok I cant get any front row channels any ideas as to why the nokia can pick them up and the sagem cant

hi m8

thats because a file called sectionsd when the sportster brang out the 1.76 it would not pick up the front row because it was only configured for german box and for germany

but now there is a breakthrough though not 100 percent it does pickup the front row if you check out my new and latest image that came out today here you should be able to get the frontrows working

either do a scan with fast scan off or copy your services.xml and boquets.xml from your working box to the other and just over write it and then press dbox service reload channel lists

here is the latest image m8

hi Gav

If I understand correctly I need to change the image to your latest

Im new to this and have not flashed a box before but ill read up and give it a go

Thanks for prompt reply