Scanning for a week but nowt


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Aug 23, 2005
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i'v been scanning for a week using dhcp force but am not getting any highs anymore.
is any one else gettin mid's n' light's but no highs ???
Yea mine is like that, I got about 10 lights and 6 mids but no highs....I just thought noone on the gateway was using 3mb.
Me to.
Only done it for about 30 mins but nufink!!
Normally i get a something.
What we gonna do?

No just got a few. using dhcpforce.
I just started snmp cfg admin though?
Maybe its a laxative for macs?
Time to get out the old solarwinds.
It dont show the configs,but it grabs about 50 macs in seconds.
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im the same too.
Can get sm lights n mids no bunds or highs.
it is definetly possible to get the bund config because i got one the other day.
The only thing was it was my own modem.
One of two i got running,but it still means it picked it up via the signal in the coax???
All the highs in the past must have beed upgraded by now.

I've lent out my max 233 so can't play around with macs at the moment but has anyone played around with the macs that dont show any configs???
Could it be that the config just doesn't show up???
yep i tried sm of those dat dont show up config files.
But no luck.
Those seem to be unreg.
ah that clears that up then.
So long as you got a sb4*** there is no trouble about macs.
Setting the config is easy.
Sb5100 with sigma i wouldn't bother. maybe it's easyer in docsis are ,but euro docsis is sh*te.
I got 3 high macs from before they seemed to disapear so am ok for now with my sb5100e.
lol, i need sm macs of a different gateway , as the macs i get keep restarting my modem.(Painful to get hold of fully working macs for my modem.)
Hi All im new to this so pls be gentle with me lol!!! i take it dhcp force is the best tool for scanning? can someone pls post a link to the download of it as ive searched the downloads & cant find it!!!:Cheers:
:Cheers: you 2!!!!! much appreciated thx again!!!!