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Mar 31, 2005
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Hi guys
I am looking to do a road trip in USA and I have a XDA Orbit lying, in which I have an old tom tom. Does anyone know where I can update the maps or are there better maps for a usa road trip nowadays?


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May 21, 2009
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Weston Village
We are going and doing the original Route 66 in December for 4 weeks, from LA to Chicago then on to Canada, I'll be using Sygic on an old Android tablet, I bought it last year for a trip in France and it was really cheap, £19.99 for world maps updated forever. I also use it in my Android car stero since for trips here and there, it's never steered me wrong.

The first time we went to the USA on 2006 we used an old XDA phone with IGO on it. We did just over 3200 miles and it never went wrong.

When we went in 2010 we did a road trip from New Orleans to Saint Louis (stayed with family) then on to Chicago. That time we used a cheap android tablet and used Co-Pilot, it worked fine, and was £6 for the US maps plus UK with free updated maps for life.

If I remember righly older XDA devices are basically the same operating system as most non-android sat-nav devices. Which means you can use any software that will work on them.

I liked IGO or IGO Primo over TomTom because it is so much easier to add maps to IGO as you don't have to crack or hack anything, you just copy the program and maps onto your memory card and run it. IGO also can use the same maps as tom tom (tele atlas maps) or it can use navtech maps. IGO plus any maps you need can be found on the newsgroups and I suppose torrents if you use them.