Samsung Galaxy S handset hit by reset bug


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Jul 28, 2007
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User data could be deleted when handset is connected to a PC


Samsung is working on a fix for the bug

An unspecified number of Samsung Galaxy S devices have been found to contain a bug which triggers the auto-reset option on the handset when it is connected to a PC, erasing user data.

Samsung has discovered that in limited circumstances, connecting a Samsung Galaxy S device to a PC via Samsung’s proprietary software program, Kies, can cause an auto-reset to occur on the device, the firm told

"This only occurs if the Galaxy S device contains a file name extension longer than 16 characters," said a Samsung spokesperson.

"The issue will be remedied immediately when the file is removed."

Samsung also said that it is working to provide a software upgrade that should be available before the end of August.

Executives at Apple HQ will no doubt raise a smile when they hear that the Galaxy S is having problems, given that Samsung had been plastering adverts all over town mocking the iPhone 4’s reception problems.

Ironically, data deletion on a Galaxy S handset is a likely to cause users far more aggravation than a drop call on the iPhone 4.

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