Samsung 2gb Cards-genuine or fake?


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Oct 8, 2005
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Hi guys-Just got a couple of Samsung cards from 365Memory but when I got them they are not in packaging, just in hard plastic case and have no name on them(just "micro SD 2gb" on card and "MicroSD Adapter" on the adapter).I have emailed them and got a reply back saying they are geniune and if I want to test them do so and they don't come packaged because they buy in bulk and it gets thrown anyway so their way to help with recycling or something?? Is there a way to "test them"?

On rear they have CE mark and written is:

1 F1430000 810
Made in TAWAIN

Do samsung do cards like this? I would have thought they would want to have their name on (like Kingston,Sandisk)

Any help appreciated. Just want to clarify these are genuine as they are different from the Kingston ones I have bought previous which were fully packaged and had a guarantee card in there as well.