Mar 16, 2005
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Ok guys i got 2 sammys,i cant get bk using bk22,i cant use ocd do i get bk.first 2 sammys i used bkk22 and got no response,treid again got errror 43,theyv get fta.I hav enow got another 1 totally virgin,do i need to configure bkke22 to work with these stb.i never had the trouble before vod.or bkk22what is happening??do i up date and jtag??I,m in pure ntl
mate i found out the easiest way is to use OCD, worked first time
have a look here

this is what i did and it worked

and go down to -

this bit

Don't bother m8, just reset your netid to your area and let the box take the update .......
Uses these Bytes in OCD and they will lift the BK & IRD off the latest software version:
BYTE 0X00942D24 8
BYTE 0x00F6A8A8 8
Byte 0x00a0e6dc 8 12FF
Byte 20020004 4 12FF
byte 0x20020004 4
byte 0x00A0E6DC 8

Try the above m8 in OCD, worked for me 2 days ago NTL. Type 'em in exactly as FATBLERK written 'em out in the command line of OCD one at a time and hopefully it'll spill the beans with one of the bytes first giving IRD quickly followed by BK. Best Briles.
what is wrong with these programmes?i can solder?its not leads so its the bytes within bkk22? am i wrong?
You can still use BKE 2.2 but you have to edit the config file when the memory locations change after software updates. To do this, click on Tools -> Jtag -> Edit Config1 / Config 2. You may need to check the directory setup for where the 2 .ini files are located (under Config menu).
The latest BK location is at 0x00F6A8A8 for pure NTL.
Oh and one more thing I noticed with sammys:

Press DOWN immediately on power up. Box will go from ld:03 - ld:14 (release button) - ld:40 very briefly, then standby (red power indicator) for up to a minute, then green power indicator and 0 showing on LED display. Now connect with SDT, OCD, BKE etc.

If you wait til ld:20 shows and then press DOWN, and it then goes to ld:40 then for some reason you will get all zeros for the BK.
bytes for bbbk22

ok so i change bytes in tool,then apply to directory c:??in bkk22.Mattie did you get pm?the bytes there at present are ird 0x2002004 bk0x00a0E06dc.config1config 2 ird the same bk 0x00931c58