Sammy2100 Boxkey 3.5B Firmware C&W


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Jan 18, 2007
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BK for 2100c with 3_5 Firmware

Using a Jtag, I'm having some trouble getting the correct BK from a Sammy 2100c that has the new VM firmware v3.5

Anyone extracted a BK from a 2100 with 3.5 firmware.

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Try this 0x00564e78 Virgin byte addy ex c&w
Have tried retrieving my BK using BKE as well as OCD and all the recent Sammy bytes I've found here but without success.
The 3_5 firmware means a new memory location for BK as it has done with other firmware upgrades.
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try resetting the box ie shorting the battery if your right then the new firmware wont matter as the bk will be in the same memory location as b4 .. will it not ?
Not sure if it works like that.
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you could be right m8 i realy am sooo stoned atm but i think if you go through whole thing with a looped card or any other it will give the right bk up like i say m8 stoned but trying to help lol
ps dont put on feed just let boot with card in it
edit right if i rember right you short batt then power up (not on feed) with any card in it hold down ch key ect and it sould give up the right bk try the different byets for your area m8
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Possible, using OCD, that I can change the NetID to an area that hasn't been updated and downgrade box back to 3_3

Anyone know of an ex-C&W area still running 3_3.
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Trying another option here.

It seems the NetID can be changed using OCD.

Possible then that I can change the NetID to an area that hasn't been updated and, assuming that firmware is on stream, downgrade my box back to 3_3

Who is in an ex-C&W area and still running 3_3 please.

try this with ocd
Thanks RR. Got there in the end using Wessex (41043).
Thanks also to XL5 whose comments got me wondering.