Sammy problems?


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Mar 29, 2005
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Hi all

Got an ex c/w sammy up and running on pure nthell and all has been fine for a few days - it was a bit of a pain setting the net id and jtagging but all has been fine!!

Turned on the telly today and nothing at all - rebooted and not getting anything - not even the fta channels?? - the box is telling me that its not getting a signal?? Ive checked by putting the box onto a fully working stream and still the same and ive put another box on the original stream and again no probs!!

Checked the engineers menu and the net id is still correct and the frequency although not correct it hasnt changed since the box has been working fine!!

Are there any tuner problems common with sammy's or anything i can try??

Thanks for looking!!!

Im tempted to pulll the red jumper but as the box was orig docsics im not certain it will auto set the net id and i really dont fancy setting up the jtag again!!!